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Over $500 in prizes! VC's original 60-day contest to see who can lose the most!

The Ventura County Fat Loss Challenge (VCFLC) is a Ventura County-wide contest in which participants compete to lose the most body fat of all entrants.  This event promotes healthful living in our community by emphasizing the importance of regular exercise and healthy diet in our daily lives.  The VCFLC also provides an opportunity to educate our community on the importance of focusing on fat loss specifically, in contrast to general “weight loss” contests, where any loss of weight (including loss of lean mass) is encouraged-- often to negative and counterproductive effect.

What is the Ventura County Fat Loss Challenge? EVENT INFORMATION

The Ventura County Fat Loss Challenge lasts approximately 60 days.  On the first day of the challenge, participants undergo an initial measurement of body composition by method of hydrostatic testing (also known as a “dunk test”), the most accurate method of body fat measurement.  The results provide statistics on each individual’s body composition including “dry" weight, weight of total body fat, weight of total lean mass (muscle, bone, organs, etc.), and total percentage of adipose “fat” tissue.  Participants are then free to implement their own fat loss plans over the duration of the contest.  On the final day of the challenge, participants undergo a second hydrostatic test to determine changes in body composition.  Contest results are determined by comparing the initial results to final results and calculating the difference.  The male and female with the greatest percent of body fat loss are declared the winners of the challenge.  Winners are awarded prize packages valued at $500 (consisting of cash and prizes from sponsors including massage therapists, sporting goods stores, athletic clothing stores, health drink companies, and others).

How does the Challenge work?

Our mission is to promote healthy methods of fat loss for long-term results, and to help improve the overall health of Ventura County residents through events like the VCFLC and through partnerships with other businesses and community organizations.

What is the mission of the Ventura County Fat Loss Challenge? REGISTRATION PRICING

Each participant of the VCFLC will receive the following services for the price of registration:

• 2 hydrostatic body fat tests (start and end of contest)
• Tape (body circumference) measurements on both test days
• Fat Loss Game Plan mini-orientation with a personal trainer
• A shot at over $500 worth of cash & prizes!
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VC's original 60 day fat loss contest with over $500 in prizes awarded to winners!


Art Hernandez,

VCFLC Event Manager

Ventura County Fat Loss Challenge

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